Vacuum cleaning is an easy chore that doesn’t need much explanation, but the reality is that most people simply aren’t doing it in the best way possible. Improper vacuum cleaning means that the job will either take longer, not pick up all the dirt and dust in one go, or both. Either way, dirty carpets can lead to buildups of dust, mould, and thus result in respiratory problems that may require more thorough cleaning by a professional or replacement altogether.

Here are some quick tips to vacuum carpets the proper way:

  • Avoid Quick Back-and-Forth Movements

Most people are in the habit of performing quick, abrupt back and forth movements. Not only is this using a lot more energy than necessary to get the job done, but it’s also quite ineffective at removing dirt and debris. Instead, start at the door or entrance to the room and go slowly and gently against the wall in one long line. This will not only keep your job consistent but it will also allow you to thoroughly vacuum every centimetre of carpet.

  • Go Against the Grain

The nap of the carpet often falls in one direction. If your carpet has a tendency to ‘fall’ to one side, start by going in the opposite direction. This will lift up the carpet a little and expose some of the deeper parts that are otherwise simply passed over. Not only does the deep part of the carpet attract more serious buildups of mould and bacteria, but it’s also prone to accumulating more if improper vacuum cleaning fails to remove topical dust and dirt on a routine basis.

Once a long strip has been cleaned against the grain, pass the vacuum over the same strip again, this time going with the nap’s direction. A second pass over a lifted carpet will pick up a lot more than simply passing over it lightly. Once the first strip is completed, continue vacuuming parallel strips whilst always overlapping with the previous strip a little.

The reason this is important is because a vacuum cleaner doesn’t clean across the full width of the head. A few centimetres on either end are simply plastic bezels that don’t provide any suction at all.

  • Create a Cross Pattern

If vacuum cleaning is a fortnightly chore, try to get into the habit of cleaning rooms in a perpendicular direction every time. This means that if your first cleaning was in north-south strips, the next clean should be done in east-west strips. Mixing up the direction ensures that at least once a month, the entire surface of the carpet is being cleaned thoroughly.

Alternatively, this can be completed in one clean in order to aggressively pick up as much dirt and debris as possible. Surely this will take twice as long, but it will also yield great results.

  • Dealing with Water Damage

If some water has been spilt on the carpet, it can be absorbed easily with a cloth without much to worry about. More serious damage, however, such as sustained water damage for prolonged periods of time, will not be as easy to remove. Firstly, a traditional household vacuum cleaner is not normally equipped to deal with water. An industrial vacuum cleaner used specifically for removing water will need to be used. If your carpet has sustained water damage, leave it to an expert to assess and deal with the situation. This can be far safer and less costly than trying to do it yourself.

Come to Electrovac When Cleaning Just Won’t Do

Carpet cleaning doesn’t need to be a big challenge, but it’s something that can be done more efficiently with a few simple techniques. If water has damaged your carpet, however, simple cleaning won’t get the job done. Contact the experts at Electrovac to have your carpet repaired or replaced safely and efficiently.