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What is the Best Carpet Cleaning Method for Water Damage?

Stains, foul odours, and pet urine are all perfectly good reasons to invest in quality cleaning for your beloved carpets. Water damage, however, is particularly nasty since it can have immediate and/or long-term effects that can pose a hazard to your respiratory health from black mould. What’s the best way to remediate water damage from a carpet? Most carpet cleaning professionals agree that hot water extraction is amongst the [...]

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5 Signs of Black Mould in Your Carpet and What to Do Right Now

Carpets are one of the best ways to add comfort and warmth to your living spaces, but everyone knows how much of a hassle they can be to keep clean. Hopefully, you’re vacuum cleaning every week or fortnight at the most and keeping stains and food crumbs out of the carpet. Even with good cleaning habits, however, there’s always a risk of black mould growing in your carpet and [...]

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5 Key Benefits of Professional Steam Cleaning

Why bother having your carpet steam cleaned when you can simply pass the hoover over it a few times to pick up dirt and dust? Lots of reasons, actually. Vacuum cleaning is great, so don’t neglect it for carpeted areas, but it only helps tidy up the surface level of the carpet and not all of the gunk stuck deep down inside the piling. Here are five benefits of [...]

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5 Tips for End of Lease Cleaning

Whether you’re a tenant or a property owner, chances are you have an end of lease cleaning agreement in place. It’s standard practice, whereby tenants want to get their security deposit back and property owners want to have a clean flat or home for future tenants with minimal fuss. There are always a few key areas that deserve special attention, however. Below are five helpful tips for end of [...]

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5 Tips to Keeping Your Home Allergy-Free

Sneezing may be a symptom of a common cold, but it is also a common symptom of allergies. One of the most common causes of household allergies is from dust mites, a persistent nuisance that can really cause headaches if they aren’t kept under control. The bad news is that there’s no way to completely eliminate them without living in a bubble, but the good news is that reducing [...]

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Carpet Steam Cleaning vs Hiring a Professional: What’s Right for Me?

There’s no avoiding the fact that carpets, while comfortable and soft in any home, require plenty of tender loving care to stay fresh and healthy. How often do they need to be cleaned? It depends on what’s meant by cleaning. Vacuuming and spot stain cleaning and such should be done frequently, but a thorough deep clean is absolutely a must at least twice a year. The reasons go beyond [...]

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5 Reasons to Hire a Commercial Carpet Dryer

Water-damaged carpets can create many hazards, so it’s often best to leave this task to a professional water damage restoration expert. In some cases, however, the scale and scope of the damage may be minimal. But can you DIY this sort of job yourself? Electrovac can provide your home or business with commercial carpet dryer hires for DIY jobs. We carry over 30 ace turbo dryers that have our [...]

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How to Remove Water Stains From Carpets

Even with best intentions in mind, our lovely, comfortable carpets are prone to all sorts of spills and stains. Whether it was a glass of wine on a celebratory evening or tomato sauce spilt from mum’s bolognese recipe, whether it was our fault or we’re blaming our four-legged companions (we’re not pointing fingers or paws), stains have no place on a good, healthy carpet. When it comes to water, however, [...]

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Boost Indoor Air Quality in 3 Easy Steps

Nobody wants that ‘funky, old house smell’ in their own homes, but over time we can become accustomed to living in a home with less-than-ideal air quality. Improved air quality can make a home more comfortable, healthy, and welcoming for guests, so it only makes sense that you should endeavour to do so. Fortunately, there are a few easy steps that any homeowner can take to improve air quality within [...]

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How to Cut Wet Flooded Carpet

If you’re dealing with a flooded carpet in your home and need to have sections of carpet removed or replaced, the best solution is to get in touch with a water damage specialist for carpets. If this isn’t possible due to the coronavirus pandemic and you’re in need of quick solutions, here are a few tips for cutting out wet flooded carpet on your own. Use a Good Knife Specialised [...]

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