After cleaning all of our carpets we treat all of our carpets with allergy controlled solutions like DM1 to assure you can breathe easily.

One in three people have asthma or allergies:

Total Hygiene DM1 will dramatically reduce bacteria, mould, fungi and dust mite colonies: cause and triggers of these illness and conditions that affect a third of all of us.

  • DM1 is clinically proven to be at least 99% effective, is neither an irritant, nor sensitising when used as directed
  • DM1 is environmentally friendly, user friendly, biodegradable and effective.

How does TOTAL HYGIENE DM1 work?

DM1 dramatically reduces dust mite excrement, mould, bacteria and fungi in the treated.

DM1 creates a durable barrier that prevents reinfestation for up to six months by inhibiting microbial growth and denying the dust mites a food source. After six months you simply reapply for continuing protection

A recent survey results that over 45 percent of Australian housing, or approximately 10 million homes have carpets with dust mite allergen concentrations that exceed the level that has been associated with the development of allergies. This study suggests that a large number of Australian homes contain dust mite allergen levels which pose a significant risk for the development of allergies and asthma.

Thanks to our unique cleaning process, you can trust Electrovac Carpet Cleaning to care for your carpets, thus to care for the health of your family and help reduce the dust mite allergen levels in your home. Our cleaning solution contains only safe, non-toxic and highly effective ingredients.

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