We have over 30 ace turbo dryers available. These fans are usually used to dry carpets, walls or anything that is wet. The main advantage of these units over an ordinary air mover is:
• 7 drying positions
• Each unit uses only 1.5 amps which make them very useful for houses in Australia which have low amount of amps available for use. You can have up to 8 ace fans connected to a 15 amp circuit.

• Provides larger surface area of airflow than the air mover meaning the velocity of air is lower which will mean a quicker dry time for you.

Phoenix R200 – In our opinion, this is the best compact restoration dehumidifier on the market today.

This unit only uses 3.7 amps! Therefore saving you money in electricity while help saving the environment. It can remove 52L of water out a day.
This dehumidifier uses the latest technology in dehumidification today.

LGR1200 – We commonly use this model to dry down an average sized bedroom. The Power usage is about 2.4 amps. While not as powerful as other models we operate, it has proven to withstand the test of time, many of our 1200 units have clocked over 10 000 hours with regular maintenance.

Evolution LGR – This model is one of the most efficient dehumidifiers for their size available. This dehumidifier is only a fraction larger than the LGR 1200 but it can pull up to 56.7 L of moisture a day. Its design also makes it convenient to attach ducting to the unit so dry air can be ducted into wet cavities or directly onto wet timber floors.

LGR2000 – This is our largest dehumidifier which we carry and it can remove up to 80 L of water per day at saturation point. It uses around 4 amps of power. This unit works well in larger spaces such as a lounge room, living area or on commercial sites.

We use low grain refrigerant dehumidifiers that work well in Victorian climate. A dehumidifier when teamed up with air movers can create a excellent dry down environment to take the moisture out of your carpet, underlay, sub floor and wall ceiling structure.

We use Dri-eaze and Pheonixdehumidifiers which are among the most reliable dehumidifiers in the industry. Some of its unique features include:

• Each dehumidifier is treated with antimicrobial at the time of injection molding which can help avoid fungal or mould growth on the machines themselves. This reduces the risk of cross contamination when the unit is moved between job sites.

• Waste water is automatically pumped out rather than kept inside the unit.
A low grain refrigerant dehumidifier works just like a fridge or air conditioner. Basically it works to take the moisture out of the air by using condensation. This process is made more efficient by using a pre-cooling device which automatically cools the air before it is goes through the condensation process. The water that has been taken out of the air is then pumped out of the room or pumped into an enclosed container.

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