Water-damaged carpets can create many hazards, so it’s often best to leave this task to a professional water damage restoration expert. In some cases, however, the scale and scope of the damage may be minimal. But can you DIY this sort of job yourself?

Electrovac can provide your home or business with commercial carpet dryer hires for DIY jobs. We carry over 30 ace turbo dryers that have our seal of approval for heavy-duty water damage remediation. Here are five reasons to hire a commercial carpet dryer:

  • Normal Household Fans Won’t Do the Job

The sort of fan you’d use around the home for keeping cool airflow on hot summer days are designed for just that. They can be used for drying up light stains and can absorb some of the moisture in carpets, but they really aren’t designed for the sort of heavy-duty use required if your carpet sustained water damage from flooding, for example.

Our dryer units are specifically designed for a higher surface area of airflow, which means a more thorough absorption and quicker drying times – both essential for reducing the risk of mould growth deep in the carpet. They also use up 1.5 amps which makes them ideal for use in most Australian households.

  • You Want No Mould, Not More!

It may seem a little counterintuitive that many steam cleaners or carpet dryers available for hire carry the risk of spreading mould. After all, these devices are rented out because the homeowner or business owner wants to eliminate the chance of mould spreading altogether. Unfortunately, these devices are often insufficiently cleaned after use and instead simply rented out to one customer after another, thus accumulating fungal growth on the machines themselves

Our machines are all treated with antimicrobials by injection moulding, which greatly lowers the risk of fungal growth or bacterial growth on the machines themselves.

  • Save Time

Many DIY guides online are great for drying wet carpets after sustaining mild damage such as from stains, but drying up the deep moisture embedded in your carpet from flooding is a horse of a different colour. Hiring a commercial carpet dryer will save you time and headaches since this equipment is heavy-duty and tailor-made for quickly drying up flood damage.

  • They’re Cost-Effectiv

The cost of replacing your entire carpet can be quite steep when compared to the cost of renting a carpet dryer and saving your existing one. Furthermore, commercial carpet dryer rentals can be more cost-effective than hiring a professional since you aren’t paying for the cost of labour

  • Quality Matter

As mentioned above, many commercial carpet dryers are not the greatest quality. Our dehumidifiers, for example, are Dri-eaze and Phoenixdehumidifiers, some of the best dehumidifiers on the market today

By choosing Electrovac for your commercial carpet drying needs, you’ll get the right equipment for the job. Our units are capable of removing water from not only carpets, but also from walls, underlay, and subfloors as well.


If your carpet has sustained water damage from flooding, it’s best to act sooner rather than later. Flooded carpets can quickly accumulate bacteria and black mould, which can cause serious health concerns. Contact Electrovac to rent one of our commercial carpet dryers or to have us visit your home or business to deal with the problem professionally.