There’s no avoiding the fact that carpets, while comfortable and soft in any home, require plenty of tender loving care to stay fresh and healthy. How often do they need to be cleaned? It depends on what’s meant by cleaning. Vacuuming and spot stain cleaning and such should be done frequently, but a thorough deep clean is absolutely a must at least twice a year.

The reasons go beyond beautification, including elimination of bacteria, mould growth, and allergens that build up deep in the roots of the carpet (beyond the reach of even the best vacuum cleaners) as well as eliminating stains and odours at the source.

But is it really worth it to call in a professional when carpet cleaning equipment is (pretty) easy to use and readily obtainable for rental a couple times a year? It really depends, but here are some of the reasons why professional cleaning is a clear winner but an argument for why DIY may be preferable in some cases.

  • Professionals Bring Professional Equipment

Steam cleaner rental units are often built to a high standard and can achieve a fairly thorough clean, but they often have a number of problems as well. Firstly, the machines are often heavily used, and quite obviously they’ve been spending a lot of time in different homes and on different carpets, many of which probably had mould and bacteria which can accumulate within the machine itself if it isn’t cleaned thoroughly after every use.

Secondly, the effectiveness of the machine may have diminished due to wear and tear. Instead of fussing with such matters, rest assured that the professional machines used by Electrovac are thoroughly cleaned after every use. Furthermore, all of our machines are manufactured for professional use. 

  • DIY is More Flexible

One of the only good reasons to consider steam cleaning your carpet yourself is to have complete control over when you get the job done. Professionals require an appointment and transport from their place of business to your home, which means you’re subject to a time of day that may be less convenient than doing it yourself on a Sunday morning (or whenever you like).

  • Professionals Have the Right Techniques

Steam cleaning isn’t necessarily as simple as it’s made out to be. Professional steam cleaners understand which chemicals are appropriate for your carpet, what the correct steam setting is for the pile height to achieve a deep, quality clean, as well as how to ventilate the home such that the carpet dries promptly and with minimal risk of bacterial growth.

The last thing you’d want after a thorough DIY job is an excessively wet carpet ripe for bacterial colonies to fester and grow. It’s possible that in such circumstances the steam cleaning did more harm than good!

Professional carpet cleaning companies clean all sorts of carpets on a daily basis, so they obviously know all of the ins and outs of dealing with carpets of all types as well as dealing with water damage and carpet replacement. This can lead to savings since a professional can identify problematic areas of your carpet and provide cost-effective remediation before the damage affects the entire carpet, for example.


If your home or office is based in Melbourne, have your carpet professionally cleaned by the friendly folks at Electrovac today.