End of Lease Cleaning in Melbourne

When it comes to end of lease cleaning in Melbourne, we understand that what you want is a hassle-free, professional cleaning experience that will leave the entire home stainless and bacteria-free, so you can leave your tenancy with peace of mind and your bond back!

At ElectroVac we have been in this business for decades and have over 30 years experience in residential and commercial specialty cleaning in Melbourne, so we know how to put our skills to use to ensure a full range of high quality, end of tenancy cleaning services for your rental property.

Electrovac is your number one choice for specialty cleaning and flood restoration services, including tile and grout cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, leather cleaning, concrete cleaning as well as 24 hours water damage restoration services. With over 3 decades experience in Australia and New Zealand, our customers can always rely on our impeccable reputation and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from our vast knowledge in the field and the state-of-the-art equipment we use which don’t require hot water or power! For the most reliable end of lease cleaning, our team of experts at ElectroVac have you covered.
For your end of tenancy cleaning and general cleaning, we also specialise in:

  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
  • Leather Cleaning & Protection
  • Title, Grout & Concrete Floor Cleaning
  • 7 days, 24 hours, All areas
  • Wet Carpet – On site drying specialists
  • We create the right environment for drying
  • No smell no stains with our latest world class water recovery systems

End of Lease Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne

At Electrovac our professional Wet Carpet Cleaning Team is experienced, trained and certified by the IICRC (International Institute of Cleaning and Restoration Certification). We are recommended and certified by insurance companies, plumbers and property managers. This gives us an advantage in providing our end of lease carpet cleaning because not only do we have an extensive understanding of what you require for an easy moving out experience, but we also know the requirements and standards your landlord is looking out for.

Electrovac End of Lease Carpet Cleaning includes:

  • Water removal
  • Timely response
  • Emergency wet carpet cleaning
  • Mould remediation
  • On-site wet carpet drying facilities
  • High capacity dehumidifiers
  • Over 30 years industry experience

As professionals in this field, we recommend and offer a quick-as-possible response when it comes to carpet cleaning – especially if your end of lease carpet cleaning is the first deep clean of a space used long-term for months or years. The quicker the issue is dealt with, the less potential damage to your property and the happier your landlord will be with the results. The longer the moisture remains in your home or business, chances increase dramatically that secondary damage such as microbial activity will occur.

We do of course, take all measures we can to detect any potential issues. We use moisture detecting devices to assess your carpets and then provide the appropriate cleaning solution in a fast and effective manner for your health, safety and satisfaction.
If at the time of your end of lease carpet cleaning we notice there are concerning levels of moisture or water damage, we are able to test if the moisture has worked up into your walls or under your baseboards etc. For end of tenancy inspections, it is very important to ensure these areas are not wet, and that hidden water be discovered and dried thoroughly as it may run the risk of microbial growth, odour, and risk to personal health. At ElectroVac, we value our customer satisfaction most, and focus on providing an efficient and quality cleaning service

Accountable End of Tenancy Cleaning in Melbourne

We service both residential and commercial clients and are focused on providing excellent quality of service, fulfilling all the requirements expected by landlords for end of tenancy cleaning and always delivering results in a timely manner. If your inspection dates are near approaching, don’t delay in giving our friendly team at ElectroVac a call. We operate every day and also provide emergency carpet cleaning services so you can rely on us to meet your timing needs without any added stress!