Caring for tile and grout floors, driveways, and other surfaces means giving them an occasional deep clean to bring them back to life. How often should you clean your tile and grout? The answer really comes down to how much traffic and consequent wear and tear you’re experiencing, but neglecting to give your tile and grout a thorough deep clean can create an unsightly image and result in further damage.

Electrovac in Melbourne has the equipment, expertise, and 30 years of industry experience. Tile and grout cleaning is something we take seriously, and our results will rejuvenate your floors and driveways as well as treating stains and other problem areas at their source.

Here are some of the benefits that regular tile and grout cleaning can yield for your home or business.

Eliminate Soil and Dirt at the Source

Regular cleaning and mopping can keep your tiles looking good, but grout can attract stains and dirt that most cleaning products just can’t properly remove. Deep cleaning with the proper equipment and detergent will break down dirt and grime for easy removal. Electrovac uses alkaline-based detergents and power scrubs to loosen any tough accumulations of dirt and soil.

Removing stains and soil from tile and grout will make a visible difference that won’t go unnoticed. Clean tile and grout signals to others that you care for appearing tidy and presentable. It’s amazing what a difference regular professional cleaning and maintenance can have on your tile and grout.

Reduce Buildup of Dust, Mould, and Bacteria

Tile and grout can attract soil and dirt, which can be an ideal environment for dust, mould, and bacteria to flourish. Not only can these lead to respiratory problems, but they can also begin to create rot, requiring expensive repairs and replacement in order to eliminate.

Cut off the chances for bacteria and mould to flourish and have your tile and grout cleaned as often as necessary to keep these nuisances under control. Electrovac’s power washing equipment uses hot water at 2000 psi to fully deep clean tiles and grout and kill off bacteria before it spreads.

Set up a Deep Cleaning Routine

Whether it’s your home or your business, it’s always a good idea to schedule for routine cleaning of areas that need it most. Commercial floors may take a beating and require more extensive or more frequent cleaning. Restaurants, for example, attract oil from deep fryers which can’t be removed via mopping and regular cleaning products. Deep cleans are not only necessary for appearances, but also for workplace occupational safety to reduce slipping and injuries.

Driveways and patios can accumulate lots of dirt and sediment after a heavy rainfall or just over time and with enough foot traffic. Have tile and grout cleaned once a year at the very minimum in order to keep it looking in top shape.

Tile and grout should be cleaned at least once a year, and many businesses such as restaurants or places with heavy foot traffic should be deep cleaned at least twice a year for best results. Don’t take chances with workplace safety, call a cleaning company that offers professional tile and grout cleaning services such as Electrovac to ensure that your tile and grout are given the care they require regularly.