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How to Get Stains Out of Your Carpets

There’s nothing worse than having stains in your carpets and not knowing how to get rid of them. If this has happened to you, you’ve come to the right place. At Electrovac, we know the importance of having a clean home and a home that is aesthetically pleasing. We’ve compiled a complete list to help you remove stains from your carpets so that in the future, you don’t have to [...]

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Leather Maintenance: Which Products Can You Use?

Having leather furniture provides you with a look of luxury in your home. It is comfortable, allergen-friendly and with the right care and maintenance routine, very durable compared to other material options. Unlike cotton and other fabrics, however, cleaning leather isn’t always as simple as giving it a ‘quick wipe down’ and certain harsh cleaning chemicals should be avoided in order to preserve your leather belongings. To help you keep [...]

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Mould 101: Home Removal and Prevention

If you suspect mould in your home or if you’re concerned that some areas of your home may be prone to growing mould in the near future, you’ve come to the right place. At Electrovac, we are serious about minimising mould and the complications mould can cause. Aside from the various health issues you and your family might suffer from when you’re exposed to mould, your home can also be [...]

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Can Wet Carpets Cause Mould?

When a carpet has any issues related to water damage or moisture, like mould, it can cause a number of serious issues with your home and with your overall health. That’s why taking good long-term care of your carpets and preventing mould is very important. One of the many causes of mould involves having carpets that are left wet for a significant period of time. Here’s how mould develops in [...]

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When Should You Hire a Cleaner?

If you’re concerned about the condition of your carpets, you might be inclined to hire a cleaner. When you leave your carpets unchecked, a number of health issues can ensue and the condition of your home will be compromised. So if you’re wondering about when you should definitely hire a cleaner to best take care of it, keep reading. Do You Have Mould? If you’ve found mould developing on your [...]

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What To Do Before Your Cleaners Arrive

Has your home suffered from a leak recently? Have you decided to call cleaners to ensure that your home looks its absolute best? If so, you might also be wondering what you should do before your cleaners arrive. Here are our top tips on what to do before your cleaners arrive.   Try to Tidy Up Just A Bit Homeowners often have the attitude that when they have an appointment [...]

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Where to Look If You Suspect Mould

Mould is an issue in any home. It can cause a number of problems and can negatively impact your health and your home. If you think you have mould in your home, you might be wondering what you should do. The best thing you can do when you suspect mould in your home is to get it checked as quickly as possible. When left alone, mould can spread rapidly throughout [...]

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The Effects of Mould in Your Home

If your home has gone through a leak or flood, your home might have suffered from significant damage. One of the most severe damages that can affect your home is mould. Mould will cause a number of health and environmental hazards. What is Mould? Before we get into the impacts of mould on your health, let’s first talk about what mould is. Mould is a fungus that is found in [...]

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The Health Risks of Water Damaged Carpets

There is no doubt that water damaged carpets can be disastrous for your home. They can ruin the flooring under the carpets and cost you money when you have to have them replaced. You might not know, though, that having water damaged carpets can be disastrous to your health. To find out more, you can read below. Allergies If your carpet has been damaged by water and hasn’t been disinfected [...]

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Steps to Preventing Pet Damage on Your Carpets

It’s no secret: having pets can seriously damage your furniture and your carpets. They have sharp nails, fur that falls all over the place, and they can be a mess, overall. That being said, your carpets don’t have to suffer the long-term effects of having indoor pets. After all, most of us love our furry friends enough to put up with anything they throw at us. Below, you can read [...]

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