Whether you’re a tenant or a property owner, chances are you have an end of lease cleaning agreement in place. It’s standard practice, whereby tenants want to get their security deposit back and property owners want to have a clean flat or home for future tenants with minimal fuss.

There are always a few key areas that deserve special attention, however. Below are five helpful tips for end of lease cleaning:

  • Understand the Lease’s Cleaning Requirements

One of the biggest reasons why tenants lose a part (or all!) of their security deposit is that they fail to take note of specific cleaning requirements during end of lease. There’s a reason it’s called ‘end of lease’ and not your everyday tidying up. Did your landlord tell you that carpets must be steam cleaned or not? Did they make note of cleaning the oven or hobs? Some of these things you may have neglected to do for a few months or haven’t considered at all, but now is the time to pay attention.

  • Pay Attention to Carpeted Areas

Following on the previous point, did the end of lease cleaning checklist contain any remarks about carpets? Sometimes, regular vacuuming is all that’s required on the tenant’s end, but sometimes they’ll request that their professionally steam cleaned.

All for good reason, too. Carpets attract a lot of dust, dirt, and bacteria deep down inside of the piling that simply cannot be removed even with frequent vacuum cleaning. Whether you decide to hire a steam cleaner from a local shop or have it done by professional cleaners, a proper steam clean and shampoo can revitalise a carpet for end of lease cleaning.

  • Door/Window Frames & Cracks

Doors and windows let all sorts of dust and dirt come into the home, so it stands to reason that they need to be well-cleaned. Don’t forget to clean alongside the cracks and frames as well, since these areas often accumulate a fair bit of dirt that will surely get noticed with any end of lease cleaning inspection.

  • Mould and Mould Spots

Getting rid of mould can be a risky endeavour, but if you’ve noticed spots of black mould or have experienced respiratory problems, you’ve got to address this before moving out. Mould is a serious problem in moist and humid environments, and it can often make itself visible on walls and baseboards, but it can also accumulate in carpets and elsewhere, too.

Cleaning mould requires plenty of time and harsh chemicals, so it’s often best to leave this task to professional cleaners such as Electrovac.

  • Call in a Professional Cleaning Company

There are so many things to consider when doing end of lease cleaning that can prevent you from getting back that precious security deposit, and you may lack the time and/or cleaning products to get the job done to a high standard.

Consider contacting specialised end of lease cleaning and carpet cleaning companies such as Electrovac to get the job done right.


Whether you’re a tenant or a property owner looking to achieve a professional clean before another tenant moves in, get in touch with the friendly cleaners at Electrovac today. We perform carpet damage remediation and end of lease cleaning services with plenty of quality care.