If you own or manage a property to let, the importance of maintaining cleanliness is not to be understated. When tenants are occupying the unit, many routine cleaning tasks aren’t possible until the lease has ended. There’s no telling how much cleaning will be required, however, until the unit has been vacated and you can inspect it for yourself.

Unfortunately, some tenants leave behind an awful mess, damaged furniture, appliances, walls, etc. Whether your ex-tenant has left the unit in this condition, in good condition, or anywhere in between, you’ll want to consult these five end of lease cleaning tips for property managers.

  • Inspect Walls, Floors, and Carpets

One of the most noticeable aspects of your unit to a prospective tenant is the condition and cleanliness of the walls and floors. Stained walls and carpets need to be clean just as damaged wall and carpet needs to be repaired and/or replaced as necessary.

Stains and scuffs can be removed with cleaning products and a fresh coat of paint. Since paint takes some time to dry, the end of lease period is a perfect opportunity to apply some paint. Repairing damaged walls and floor sections may also require a fair bit of work that is much easier to complete when there’s no tenant living there.

Carpets deserve special attention since they are susceptible to damage not only from ripping and gradual wear and tear but also from water damage. Carpet repair and replacement specialists such as Electrovac should be retained to inspect and repair water damaged carpets rather than being ignored since water damaged carpet attracts mould and bacteria that can harm the health of future tenants.

  • Disinfect Bathrooms

Even if the tenant has left the bathroom in a seemingly good condition, ensure that it’s thoroughly cleaned and disinfected for future tenants. This includes a thorough deep clean of the bathtub, shower, toilet, sinks, walls, and floors.

Homemade solutions of baking soda and vinegar can do wonders for cleaning surfaces and glass, but bleach and some heavy scrubbing will be needed to remove mould. Commercially-available cleaning products can also be used to provide thorough disinfection if you prefer.

  • Deep Clean Kitchens

The end of a lease term gives you the opportunity to clean your property’s kitchen, but many property owners (and tenants) seem to forget about cleaning inside of ovens. Oven racks, walls, grills, and hobs atop the cooker can accumulate a lot of grease and grime and should be cleaned periodically. Use oven cleaning products or homemade recipes of water and baking soda to give your cooker a deep clean.

  • Lock & Key Systems

For peace of mind, consider replacing your lock and key systems at the property. Door keys can be copied without your knowledge, so even if the tenant has returned their set of keys to you, there’s a possibility that a friend or relative of the tenant still has access to the property.

Consider the end of lease an opportunity to upgrade lock and key systems as well, especially if there have been burglaries in the neighbourhood.

  • Tidy up Outdoors

First impressions mean a lot to prospective new tenants, so ensure you spend some time trimming grass and shrubs outside of the property. Louder work, such as cutting branches off of trees may be inconvenient whilst tenants are still living in the unit, so use this opportunity to complete some of these types of tasks outdoors.

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